Sit back, relax & welcome to the Harrison world

Welcome to the daily happenings of the Harrison Family. It's crazy here, but we have a lot of fun. Mamma is clearly a little out numbered by the male species in the house, but it sure keeps things interesting. In our lives, you'll find lots of bugs, blocks, trucks, loud banging, clanging, running, hurdling off couches and beds, endless amounts of energy, no sleep, laughter from the belly, boo-boos, trips to the dr, walks to the park, did i mention no sleep? We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Our glorious pumkins!

The above pumpkins display our prideful work at this years annual pumpkin carving party. I can't remember how many years we've been doing this, but i believe about 10 years- or maybe a couple more. At the first pumpkin carving parties, Brian and I would show up with bags of carving accessories, including sand, water, music with speakers... yada yada yada. We became the couple to 'fear' at the judging contest at the end! Now, we arrive with the two kiddos and a simpler mind set... to just get the task done with smiles and laughs! The voting is always done in a 'survivor' type fashion, by voting off the worst first.. .until you are left with the best. Now with so many kids involved....we are a 'little' nicer in our voting and written and spoken opinions.... but not always.. This year, Brady didn't quite understand that blowing out the candle in the pumpkin meant you weren't going to win and when it was his turn, he was more than happy to do it. We'll see what next year holds!!!!

The Carving

So fun to carve! This year, Brian and I didn't come with any fancy designs, no speakers in the pumpkins...just simple Jack-o-Lantern faces. Breck wanted a Happy face and Brady requested a mad face. Brady dug right in and even used the carving tools. Breck, on the other hand, mostly played with the pumpkin discards that i gave to him. Once, I looked over and realized he thought the pumpkin looked mighty tasty and had taken several large bites out of it! Hmmm.... kind of gross, but he liked it!

Our other side

What's a Halloween pumpkin carving party without masks? Of course, gramma and grampa were prepared and are always the life of the party. Brady and Breck thought they were hilarious!


Are we a handsome looking group or what? I bet our dentist, Dr. Lawrence, would be so proud.

Admiring their work

Wow, Brady and Breck sure are enjoying all the holiday festivities this year! It was like someone flipped the 'hyper' switch when we walked into gramma and grampa's house and they saw the halloween lights and decor! Maybe the most exciting part of all this was when we lit the candle, or as Brady would say "put fire in the punkin". How adorable are the 4 younger cousins sitting proudly near their hard carving work! Brady and Breck LOVE cousins, David and Aaron!

Air Show

Sat, October 24, 2009 Brian took Brady to his very first air show! They had a blast checking out all the aircraft on the ground and in the sky. I see a tradition beginning. I'm sure next year Breck will join the team of air show junkies.. and me too... a little sad I missed it!

Brady the Pilot

Would anyone feel comfortable with Brady flying one of these?

Livin' on the Edge

Of course, there are bounce houses at air shows! Brady made good use of them and as you can see, loves the adrenaline rush!

Rock Star or Hippie?

So, here is Breck trying out a couple of different rolls... trying to decide if he should be a guitar playing, kazoo-buzzing rock star or a snow boarding hippie. I personally think he looks pretty cool both ways!

Rainy Day

Here we are modeling our new rain boots. I figured since it has been raining almost 2-3 days out of every week for a couple months now... we ought to get the appropriate attire! Walking in the rain or after a rain has become something we look forward to. Brian even has rain boots... but i guess he had the need to feel manly so his are solid black and steel toed. I guess when a guy wears rain boots he needs a little something to up his masculinity.

A Big Tex Welcome

It's that time of year again... Texas State Fair month and we're hittin' it Friday, Oct 16th! It happens to be the fair's last open weekend and let me tell you..... it is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL weather ever! When you think fair.. you want to picture 70 degrees, blue skys, and lots of interesting people. We got 3 for 3 this year and what a day it was. From the moment we put the kids in the wagon to the second we left the gates, it was just awesome and I mean it. Brady and Breck's eyes were darting every direction trying to compute and store all the foreign sights and sounds bouncing around them. The fair brings back so many memories for me.... I've been going since I was a young child and it's always something exciting to look forward to. I love being able to provide this experience for the boys.... I can't wait to hear about what 'they' remember most from these days.

Almost there

The excitement is on the brink of explosion... you see, we're about to enter the gates of the fair grounds.. and the faint sounds are tantalizing these little guys' minds!

I want these Fair animals in my yard

Please scroll back up and take a closer look at the middle picture.....Go LONGHORNS... it's TX/ou weekend and I can't wait to do my ~hook 'em horns~ tomorrow!

Fair animals

Always smiles when we hit the animal barn! Nothing like a goat eating out of the palm of your hand and then getting a close up view of a camel who desperately needs to brush his teeth. The pig pen was probably the favorite though... and a quick snort of air and wet yuck to the face brought lots of giggles out of Brady and Breck.


Icons from the fair... these two booths have been ingrained into my head from childhood. The Coupon booth is like your 'all access' pass to the fair and then there is the Fletcher's Corny Dog Stand -the golden jewel of the fair. It draws you in the second you enter the gates.... you can smell it even though it's a mile can taste it before you get there and your mouth begins to salivate giving your legs that little extra pep which propels you to the booth faster.. who the heck cares that it's only 10:30am. The Fletcher's Corny dog is heaven... and this year Breck got his first taste!

Chillin' after our Corny Dog

Too bad you can't see the sky in these pictures... but really, it was (and still is) the most gorgeous day. The Wagon was an excellent choice to bring to the fair this year and made it easy on us. I love the fact that we are actually wearing jackets this year.. normally we'd be sweating bullets!

Walking the Midway

Here's the infamous midway at the state fair... and you can clearly see Brady and Breck closely taking it all in... the sights, the smells, the sounds... and oh.. the carnies.

Standing in Line for the Ferris Wheel

Not your typical Ferris Wheel-The Texas Star is a 212.5-foot-tall ferris wheel at Fair Park in Texas. It made its first appearance at the 1985 State Fair of Texas and has run every year since. With forty-four cars able to seat six people each, up to 264 riders can be on the wheel at once. During the State Fair at night, the wheel lights up red, white, and blue.

The Texas Star is the tallest ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere and the twenty-fifth tallest in the history of ferris wheels. It can be seen from a few miles away on I-30. From the top of the ride, the Fort Worth skyline and the cluster of buildings along Central Expressway in Richardson can be clearly seen.

Brady couldn't wait to hop on this ride! He stood millimeters from the man ahead of him as I hoped the man wouldn't take that one dreadful step backwards. Please look at the RULES sign. Yes, Brady broke rule #2 and #3... but apparently the consequences aren't enforced-lucky us!

In control

I think these particular carnies love the fact they are in control of my very destiny. They literally hold the key that will soon lock me into the cage of the Texas Star Ferris Wheel....

Texas Star

We're doing it...about to ride the ferris wheel.. I do believe Brian was was masking his fear with that teasing smile! One of us adults had to be brave.....

In the cage of the Texas Star

So, here we are inside the cage of the Texas Star Ferris Wheel. Let's be honest here folks.... my stomach was flippin' before the carnies locked us in the cage. Going up was freakin' terrifying to me, but as you can see.... Brady and Breck were on top of the world....well on top of the State Fair anyway. You can see Brady -breakin' the rules- by standing up and looking out. He didn't care that we were higher than the cotton bowl....looking down at the fair goers who quickly resembled tiny ants. ok.. so after all was said and done, the experience was super cool.. even I'll admit that!