Sit back, relax & welcome to the Harrison world

Welcome to the daily happenings of the Harrison Family. It's crazy here, but we have a lot of fun. Mamma is clearly a little out numbered by the male species in the house, but it sure keeps things interesting. In our lives, you'll find lots of bugs, blocks, trucks, loud banging, clanging, running, hurdling off couches and beds, endless amounts of energy, no sleep, laughter from the belly, boo-boos, trips to the dr, walks to the park, did i mention no sleep? We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Fun with color

Breck ALWAYS wants to do 'science experiements', so today we played with color. A little H2O, some oil, and a few drops of his favorite colors and shazam.... cool color separation with bubbles. We also exploded his volcano again with "Lellow" lava this time.... we've done it so often that my super sized vinegar and baking soda have run dry! A Sams trip is in my very near future.

Oh, and before I forget this, I have to mention Brady's recent Bradyism. He's so clever with the way he describes things!
Brady: "Mom, in my brain I have a lot of little drawers and that is where I store all of my good ideas!"

Last year when I was talking to him about how he feels scared to talk out loud to kids or his teachers at PreK he told me:
"The switch in my brain is broken and 'dats' why I can't talk"

Hey, look at that owl

We walk in the door today from Target and Breck beats me into the kitchen. I hear him say, "hey mom, look at that owl!"
he was so excited and I almost brushed it off, but luckily for me, I walked over to the kitchen table and right outside our window sat this adorable owl! No kidding, just sitting there looking at us look at him. Of course, the paparazzi in me immediately grabbed the camera and the little owl posed quite nicely for all of my shots. Thanks Breck for your awesome Eagle Eye and spotting the obvious in our kitchen window!

so... before i forget, have to mention a few of the things the kids say that makes me smile:
*blueJames = bluejay
EX: "hey mom, I just found a bluejames feather!"

Both kids:
*their explanation for everything begins with: 'dat why'
EX: "dat why i couldn't find my shoes."

*Yellow= Lello

*In order to differentiate cousin David from Uncle David, they refer to Uncle David as 'The Man'


Another wickedly hot summer day here in Dallas. Kids were out riding their bikes with Brian by 7:45am and were sweating bullets upon arrival home around 9. I decided to sweep our acorn/pecan laden front porch and sidewalk and i nearly passed out after 15 minutes in the SHADE! I'm trying to remember back (Before kids) when Brian and I would get up at the crack of dawn to go running ridiculous amounts of miles ... then bike and then sleep the good part of the day away. Wow.... that sounds sooo relaxing! I'm desperately hoping to claim my 'self' back soon by jumping on the exercise train again soon. Not sure I'll ever get to do the long distance that I've always loved because of arthritic knees, but I've at least signed Brian up for the half marathon in Dec. Anyway, back to today.... The boys are wearing shirts that I loathe, but they love. They were off to see the new Cars movie today and the shirts were a must because they were a gift and Brady/Breck adore them. This was Breck's first experience with a movie theater. Brian said he didn't quite know what to think. The long walk up the dark hallway, opening up into an enormous dark room filled with tiered seats made Breck's head spin. I was told that he spent a good while standing on his seat looking behind him at all the people. I was also told that Breck did lots of ice crunching with his squeaky straw and slurping loudly during the most quiet moments of the movie...apparently Breck needs to master social etiquette if this movie thing is going to continue! Can you imagine if he carries on like this when he is 16 & out on a date with a cute gal?
By 7pm, they were off and running to the pool to spend a couple of hours. I put Brooks to bed and had a quiet house for a while. I told my sister earlier, I'm already mourning the pool closing after labor day because I've got a real good gig going with the boys going out there every night!
speaking of..... i just heard them walk in the door. Time for PJ's and story time. Typical summer day here...I am a lucky girl.

Exploding Volcano

We finally got around to exploding this sucker. Brady and Breck took their volcano outside, positioned their dinosaurs and people and made the environment a bit more interesting with little trees made out of twigs & leaves. They exploded it many a time before the heat drove us inside for AC relief.

Backyard Fireworks display

Ever since we set off our last round of fireworks back on New Year's day and Breck's Birthday, the boys have been asking when we get to do it again. Well, well, well.... that time has once again arrived and my old friend, Matt, came through with the supplies. The boys know Matt as 'The Fireworks Man'. He arrived with an arsenal of explosives that would delight any young boy and scare a mom's weary grin right off her face. The sparklers are just about my speed... but the boys crave more. Fire. Fire. Fire.
We no longer have our long ass driveway like we did at the Estate lane house, so we had to make do with or backyard and pray we wouldn't set anyone's house on fire. Lots of lovely rounds of colorful sparks... and then ... without any warning...the mothership that sent us literally running into the house to pray for our lives. Goodness knows what the heck came flying out of our last explosive for the night, but it scared the snot out of me. God was definitely watching out for us that night... my heart eventually slowed to a mild giddy up and we did one last sparkler before we called it a night. Happy 4th America!
OH.... and that beer... was JUST for pics folks.

July 4 morning

Brian and I were just remarking how it seems that every year we have another stroller/bike/car to decorate for the parade. This year was Brooks' first year to ride in a pimped out Red White and Blue stroller. Breck has now moved up to the Bike to join Brady's ranks. We met friends in front of our new digs on Covemeadow and trotted on up to Church road for the action. Snaps it was a hot 4th this year... I think we had a few heat related crying spells but once the candy started flying from the floats, the 100+ degrees was forgotten.

It's HOT outside these days

Darn it's HOT outside in Texas these days. We do the park at 8am, swim after 5, hit lots of indoor playground or rec centers and craft it up at home. The boys pretty much love slime so we make & play with it often. Sun catchers are a must with the sun we've got, so that's was on our check list too. Brooks turned 8 months at the end of June and he looks as perplexed about it as I am.

My mom's talents at play

How lucky are my boys that my mom is the ultimate creator?! Lots of these little capes flying around in houses, malls, and playgrounds these days! Custom made capes to suite each little one's imagination! Love this picture of my boys and their super hero friends! The second my boys don these capes, their personalities become a little bolder, their legs move a heck of a lot faster, and careening through the air is to be expected.