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Welcome to the daily happenings of the Harrison Family. It's crazy here, but we have a lot of fun. Mamma is clearly a little out numbered by the male species in the house, but it sure keeps things interesting. In our lives, you'll find lots of bugs, blocks, trucks, loud banging, clanging, running, hurdling off couches and beds, endless amounts of energy, no sleep, laughter from the belly, boo-boos, trips to the dr, walks to the park, did i mention no sleep? We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Destin May 2012

“I am you; you are ME. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine.”

--Sri Sathya Sai Baba 

We headed to Destin this year in May, and let me tell you, this is by far the BEST time to come.  Warm sun, beautiful ocean and not too many people.   I live for the ocean and believe I belong there... not just for vacation, but for always.  My 'happy place' thought has always been the beach and when I look at these pictures, I long to be back... to where I feel at home in my mind, body and soul.  One day.

But, back to the vaca....It was fantastic.  Even though I headed down there on the ends of a stomach virus and the kids all hacked up a lung for our 12 hour drive and then 2 out of the 3 boys had to go to the urgent care clinic for ear infections...we STILL had an AMAZING time.  You could never tell from the photos all of the sickness that was going on!  The Beach is my heaven..... and from the looks in my boys' eyes... it's their heaven too.

Thanks Brian, from the bottom of my heart for making this trip happen this year.  I'm so thankful for the moments I spent with my family and for the memories we created.

Driving to the Beach- 12 hours

Yes, it was a long drive.... our battery died before we even started at 5am and then died again after about 8 hours.  That was not cool, BUT... we did it.  We survived the drive once again and the kids were really good.  Breck did some random calisthenics during our stops and I let out my energy with a  creepy face and a scream or two.  We drove it in one day this year and arrived sometime around 8:30pm or so.

'Finding Seashells"

So..... the seashells.  This goes back to my childhood.  Destin doesn't have big shells washing up on the shore and as a kid, my sister and I SOOOO wanted to find one.  One year, my Dad ~unknown to us~ bought two huge beautiful shells and tossed them in the Ocean when my sister and I weren't looking.  He quickly shouted that he thought he saw something in the surf.  First, Nicole darted out to find her gorgeous shell and by a miracle in my eyes, a second amazing shell somehow rolled in on the waves for me!  We really and truly thought we found these one of a kind shells on our own!  We thought this was the Best thing EVER!  Such a fun memory.. and it wasn't until years and years later did we find out the truth:)  So,.... the story lives on and I did the same for my boys.  I couldn't possibly juggle the video and the tossing of the shells all at once, so i didn't capture that part... but this is memory enough.... and one day, my boys will figure out where their cool shells came from too.

Kayak time

Brian took each of the boys out alone several times.  They were lucky enough to spot a stingray up close and have a dolphin cross right beneath their kayak and out the other side.  Awesomeness!

Chasing Birds movie

Heading to the Beach Day 1

I have 3 of the Cutest Surfer Dudes... EVER!!  Day one was filled with much anticipation and the Beach certainly did NOT disappoint!  We rallied... stomach virus, coughs, ear infections and all:)

Sunny Days

Live in the sunshine,
Swim in the Sea,
Drink the wild air.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Pirate Cruise!

Um, yes... the water really is this beautiful!  We decided to take the Pirate Cruise this year... and really, it was a lot of fun.  If i hadn't been wrangling an 18 month old, I would have partaken in the beer and wine:)  The boys had lots of fun watching the Pirates search & find their treasure and then of course the battle of the water guns was a blast!

We have to eat too!

Some of our long time favorite places to eat... since childhood.  The back porch:
The Donut Hole:
and Fudpuckers:
It wouldn't be a trip to the Beach without our favorites!

You See...We are HAPPY here!

Hmmmm... I never tell a lie...the Beach makes us HAPPY!

Playing and Learning

Wow... the kids had so much fun this year at the beach!  Being around the ocean is like being in a living classroom 24/7. The kids have no idea they're learning... but they did.. so much... with so much fun.  The day of the Starfish, the ocean was the most beautiful I've ever seen.  The water was like glass.... so still, so clear.  How awesome is it to hold a live starfish?!  The boys were in heaven!

My Heart, My Soul, My Love...The Beach

The Beach is so glorious.... it where you can just 'be'.  I love everything about the heart is light, my kids are ridiculously happy, the sea breeze, the rush of the waves, the seagulls, sunsets, warm sun, the waves during a storm, the smile on my husband's face, broken seashells, sailing & kayaking,  the enormity of the ocean, the feeling of 'being home', sun shadows, bird tracks on the sand, free sightings of breathtaking marine life, salty air, memories from my childhood, the beach reminds me of who I am and what is really important in life.  I BELONG at the Beach...