Sit back, relax & welcome to the Harrison world

Welcome to the daily happenings of the Harrison Family. It's crazy here, but we have a lot of fun. Mamma is clearly a little out numbered by the male species in the house, but it sure keeps things interesting. In our lives, you'll find lots of bugs, blocks, trucks, loud banging, clanging, running, hurdling off couches and beds, endless amounts of energy, no sleep, laughter from the belly, boo-boos, trips to the dr, walks to the park, did i mention no sleep? We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Field Trip

Brady's PreK class had another field trip and this one was to Owen's Farm. Definitely a 'fall' weather day... so that was nice. Breck and Brooks went along for the ride too. The picture immediately above shows Breck and Brady on the hay ride. I opted out because they were packed like sardines. no thank you. Brady has 10 other kids in his class this year and the pics include a couple of siblings:)

Random oct things

So, Halloween being a super favorite holiday of mine...must get a little press on the blog. Had to toss in a sampling of my house. The boys get SO EXCITED with all the fun stuff we put up. I'm constantly being asked for one more spider web.

Little Brookers had 3 teeth come in this month... how cute is that mouth?!

Brady was named STAR of the week in his PreK class. He was asked to make
a poster board to represent who he is and what he loves. He had so much fun putting it together!

The Dallas Zoo

Sept 30th, a beautiful Friday afternoon and the Dallas Zoo was calling our names. I decided to scoop up Brady from PreK and dash off to the animals for the remainder of the day. This is the BEST time of year for it.. for sure! We ended up spending a LOT of time in the bird area today. I got to know the bird handlers a little too well and it sort of creeped me out that the 72 birds flying around us all had names and the handlers could pick them out by their feather patterns. Lucky for me, I was able to snag some nice unsuspecting zoo visitor to snap a rare pic of me and my monkey boys to capture our time together. Thank you zoo patron.

More Zoo

Yep... this is still the zoo. If there is water, MY boys will find it. Heck, if i didn't mind so much the feel of wet shorts and underwear I would have stomped around in it too.


These very moments make me so thankful that Brian and I did the right thing when we made the decision to red shirt Brady for kindergarden. We will no longer have these daily afternoon moments where all 3 of my kids get to hang out, run and play with one another next year when Brady enters full day kindergarden. Yes, yes, there will be the weekends, but goodness knows how busy those are with soccer games and other 'stuff''. Having these free full afternoons with one another is pure joy and the boys get to bond just that much more doing just plain ole FUN stuff. I am so thankful for this one last year to be together... no homework, no stress, no not so good outside influences yet... just us and living and learning through the best way there is.. PLAY.

Fountain Fun and Glorious Log rolling

A wee bit out of sequence here, but you get the picture. It was HOT today, so the frog fountain at the arboretum was a must. I sort of think the extra fun part was being dressed normally and getting completely drenched. They decided to wrap up the afternoon with a very wet roll in the grass. I brought home some dirty, happy boys. Oh, that makes me remember a funny moment. On the way home, I decided to bring them to 7-11 to pick up slurpees. for some odd reason I happened to have an extra shirt and shorts for both in the car but no extra underwear. I let them know that they would have to go commando in 7-11 but not to worry because Nobody would know since they'd have their shorts on. Well, this was TOO much for Brady and he decided to wear his wet underpants, but Breck took my lead and went in without the undies. On the way out, just before we exited and while a nice man held the door for me and the troops... Breck decided to announce to me and the rest of everyone within earshot that "Nobody even checked to see I'm not wearing my underpants!"
He was beyond thrilled with his almost accomplishment.

OH... my boys

The best faces EVER. They never get old, can bring a tear to my eye (for good & not so good reasons), they can make me forget my worries and always make my heart swell with love. I would do anything for these guys.

Bubble Mania

So, this closed out a pretty darn good day. After preschool, the arboretum & a trip to 7-11 for slurpees...a bath was definitely on the Need list. The boys always ask for me to take pictures of their bubble here we are.

Crazy Ass Hail Storm

Yep... dem some serious hail balls. Still laughing at the fact that at the beginning of the storm
I was pleading with Brian to run out and get the kids' bikes. About 10 seconds after I made that request I quickly retracted it realizing he would need a suit of armour and mega helmet in order to prevent major head trauma and bodily injury.

Team Tornadoes

What a cute picture! Brady absolutely LOVES soccer this year and having Dad as Coach makes it even more special. I seriously adore watching him practice and play games.... and lucky me because, we also have the pleasure of watching Breck play too this year! SO. MUCH. FUN.
Even more fun are some of the nights we just head out to the park with our goals and balls and just play around as a family....the boys completely enjoy this, but i have a little secret.... I do believe I enjoy it maybe even more than them! These moments are just so awesome. Watching them laugh and actually having them WANT us to play with them is greatness. I'm sure there will come a day when mom and dad are not as cool to play with .. so for that reason alone I treasure every second I get now.